860,000 targeted ad views of an emotional video, in just 20 days,
to help a premium pet food company develop their brand awareness.

The brief

When the coronavirus crisis hit, one of the many sad eventualities was an increase in the number of small pets being abandoned across the world. Supreme needed a short video in response to these reports, encouraging pet owners to think twice – while at the same time increasing their brand awareness. An emotional feel was key, and a fast turnaround was needed to address the concerns quickly.

The solution

Working with Supreme, it was decided that a thought-provoking narrative would best serve their needs. By targeting the owners of small pets through a detailed social media campaign in multiple countries, we could gently tug at their heartstrings and remind them why they got their animals in the first place. Our animated video delivered a moving poem alongside images of animals and emotional music, designed to capture the attention of Supreme’s target market – encouraging organic shares, reactions and comments.

The outcome


After only 20 days, with the ads running in four countries, we generated 860,000 views of the video.

The posts gained 2,250 reactions, 1,380 shares and 140 comments – all of which helped to increase the organic reach of the campaign and put the Supreme brand right in front of its target audience.

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