We’ve worked with SmartSeal since 2015, developing their YouTube channel and website
with helpful video content about their range of surface sealing products.

The brief

For SmartSeal’s customers, to get the most out of their products, it’s important they know how to use them correctly. SmartSeal knew that by releasing regular instructional videos, they would also be able to demonstrate the effectiveness of their products, highlighting the features and benefits. What’s more, helpful video content would help position the brand as an expert in their market space. The video content would also save their staff valuable time when dealing with sales enquiries, whilst simultaneously boosting sales figures.

The solution

We’re big believers in making content with real purpose, not just hoping for the best. It soon became clear to us that creating genuinely useful content for SmartSeal’s customers was likely to gain organic traction online, because the videos provide solutions to real problems – one of the main reasons people engage with a brand’s content.

We decided it was important that the viewer isn’t given a hard sell. In demonstrating the products and knowledge SmartSeal have to offer, we believed they’d build up a level of trust with the company, meaning they’re more likely to a make purchase.

The outcome


For SmartSeal, the deployment of video content has been extremely successful, with average views per video of almost 90,000. Several videos have achieved between 150,000 to 377,000 views.

But here’s the best bit: every one of those views was achieved organically, without spending on ads, meaning viewers had searched for and discovered that content. This demonstrates a high level of user intent, for which SmartSeal’s video content was perfectly positioned.

Engagement figures such as comments, likes, new subscribers and website click-throughs were equally impressive. SmartSeal continues to receive a huge volume of new enquiries and sales that can be attributed directly to the video content on their YouTube channel that we’ve created for them.

The feedback

SmartSeal’s founder and MD, Nigel Blake, had this to say:

“Having been a client of PureMotion for a number of years, we’ve built up a really good relationship. They’re our go-to partner for our video content. Over the time we’ve worked together, we’ve produced a number of videos for our website and YouTube channel to great success. With impressive views and engagement metrics, we’re in no doubt that the content provides an important contribution to enquiries and sales of our products, as well as cementing our brand image as a trusted supplier of surface protection products.”

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