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Video killed the PowerPoint star

Where would we be without training? It ensures we learn, develop and evolve. In modern business especially, it’s vitally important – with new technologies and processes emerging every day, training is becoming more of a necessity, both for your staff and customers alike. And yet, the word instils fear into most people. Visions of long, boring presentations with droning, waffling speakers spring to mind. It’s time we ditched that. Training videos are effective, engaging and – above all – memorable.

Why use employee training videos?

Avoid the drawbacks of traditional training by offering an exciting alternative

Far more cost effective than gathering lots of people in the same place at the same time

Videos can be branded and styled according to your identity, solidifying your brand image

How can I use training video production?

Wherever you use them, training films should be thoughtfully constructed to suit their intended audience. They can be used to train your staff on new processes, customer service or operating machinery – perhaps even for new employee induction or onboarding processes. The effect on employee morale and performance improvement when using training video content is evident. It’s a powerful skills training tool. But training films aren’t limited to internal use; your customers can really benefit from training video content too. Having a series of how-to or product demo training videos for frequently asked questions on your website can prevent customers needing to pick up the phone and call you. This improves their experience, boosts customer loyalty and also means you don’t need to employ extra human resource to man the phones. Training videos can also be promotional videos – giving you social media content to share to your followers as part of a holistic video marketing strategy.

What’s involved in the process?

Training video production needn’t be complicated. Whether you’re looking to create a series of employee training videos, or help your customers with a library of practical how-to material, our training video services allow you to create interactive, engaging content that has the desired impact. While the benefits of training videos are clear to see, it’s also important to think carefully about the viewer’s needs. It’s crucial that you communicate all the relevant points without overwhelming them – you don’t want them to switch off before you’ve provided what they actually came for.

Beyond the video…

Training video production can integrate perfectly within a social media video marketing strategy. Video learning is fast becoming the content of choice for marketers looking to increase customer loyalty while relieving pressure on the business. When used together with promotional video or corporate video content, training video production offers untold benefits. An online video training course improves your brand image, strengthens your authority and cements your expertise in your industry. On the other hand, employee training videos present cost-saving opportunities for the company, while at the same time boosting staff morale and engagement, meaning the retention of information is increased.

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