Testimonial Videos

Your best salespeople are your customers

When a potential customer is on the brink of making a purchasing decision or enquiry, they’ll be looking for a reason to choose you over the competition. This is where testimonial videos can make a real difference. Your customers can provide reassurance and establish trust that you are the right choice for them.

Why use testimonial videos?

Clinch sales or leads with powerful, trusting-inspiring content

Give reassurance over common reservations or concerns

Provide insight into your product or service through independent eyes

How can I use testimonial videos?

One thing’s for sure – people don’t like being sold to. So whilst slick sales messages certainly play their part in moving a prospect through the sales journey, the final piece of the puzzle is in verifying that your business is trustworthy, and the service or product claims are genuine. There’s no better way than independent, real people singing your praises on camera. If you implement this content correctly, it can act as a boost to your conversions and improve your brand image.

What’s involved in the process?

The first thing you’ll need of course are willing customers that are happy to go on camera and talk about their experience working with you. Before any recording starts, we’ll work with you to shape questions to help guide the conversation and cover the right topics. We always want to capture authentic responses, but they need to be within a framework that ensures content is on-topic and concise.

Beyond the video…

The key to success with testimonial videos is what you do with the content once you’ve made it. As well as effectively implementing the videos on your website and social channels there are a host of other potential uses in outbound marketing and events to name a couple. And because the subject matter is likely to be evergreen it will serve as a great marketing tool for years to come.

What next?

At PureMotion, we make video marketing accessible. That’s why we’ve created three plans – whether you need a one-off video, or a fully-fledged marketing campaign.

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