Drive results with
end-to-end video marketing

Now you can really leverage the power of video. Combine strategic, high-impact content with a precision-targeted, multi-faceted social media campaign. Whatever your goals, Stream lets you reach new customers in ways you never have before.

So, what is Stream?

Our video-driven marketing solution

Kick-off with a tailored audit and a detailed strategy

We create your video content and deploy it with a targeted campaign

Generate goal-focused, meaningful results with video

A results-led, three-pronged approach

We believe no video marketing strategy is complete without three core aspects:
planning, production, and promotion. Each element works in harmony with the next,
creating a dynamic video campaign that delivers results.


Video content audit

Brand positioning & visibility

Social media activity

Competitor content analysis

Findings & recommendations

Video marketing strategy


Video content production

Creative concept development

Scripting & storyboarding

Filming, editing & grading

Motion graphics & animation

Music & voiceover


Video campaign management

Social media marketing

Targeted advertising

Organic engagement

Key performance metrics

Detailed reporting

On its own, video content can work wonders.
Build a robust strategy, and anything’s possible.

We know that video is the best marketing tool out there. But time and time again, we see efforts going to waste. Often, the biggest mistake is failing to prepare. For a successful campaign, you must start with the end in mind. Who are you targeting, how will you reach them, and what do you want them to do?

As the old saying goes: fail to prepare… well, you know the rest. Before we start any cameras rolling, dedicating some time to ensuring your content will do the job its supposed to do will really pay dividends.

  • An in-depth strategy is the only way to get the most out of your video content. We’ll sit down with you and talk tactics to make sure we’re creating the right content, for the right people.
  • Who are you aiming at? What do you want them to do? How will you know they’re actually doing it?
  • Every strategy is unique, but each should include these core elements:
  • A look inside your business
  • A look outside your business
  • A plan for your video content
  • A way to measure the results

Rolling up our sleeves and getting creative is our lifeblood. But it’s not just about having the latest kit or the best software. Sure, we’ve got all that. But we’ve also got an eye for detail and a tenacity to show your business in the best possible light.

  • There’s nothing worse than bad video. Content should be useful, interesting, and persuasive.
  • You have to make your audience want to watch it. You need to connect with your customers in a way they simply can’t ignore.
  • Don’t let poor quality video spoil your brand image. We keep it consistent, clean, and sharp.
  • Our experts will create content that achieves your goals and blends seamlessly into your brand identity.

Knowing where your audience hang out, and the sort of content they want, is key. So many business fall at this crucial last hurdle. With a well-considered social media campaign, you can reap the rewards of good planning and quality content.

  • Video should be an investment, not a cost. It should generate a return in the form of moving potential customers closer to becoming a lead or a sale, just like any other kind of marketing.
  • But to make that happen, people actually need to watch your content.
  • We use cutting-edge deployment tools to target your content at the right audiences.
  • Video can be used to drive traffic to your website, capture leads or generate sales.
  • All the while, we’ll measure the effectiveness of your content to ensure a truly successful campaign.

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