Recruitment Videos

Streamline your recruitment process and find your perfect match

Recruitment is so often overlooked by businesses. Customer facing marketing is important of course, but the people inside your organisation are also integral to its success. This is where recruitment videos can really make a difference to reaching the right talent and making sure they choose your company.

Why use recruitment videos?

Provide a compelling insight into your business work culture

Explain what you’re looking for in a candidate, improving the quality of applicants

Vastly improve the chances of successful recruitment saving time and money

How can I use recruitment videos?

Recruitment videos hold great value because are very targeted, giving you a fantastic way to speak directly to candidates looking for employment. You can cover the work culture, the products or services that you provide and set some broad expectations. You can also create job-specific videos, communicating what you’re really after in a certain role. Ultimately, your efforts should generate better suited candidates, as well as increasing the likelihood that they come to work with you and stay for the longer term, saving time and money.

What’s involved in the process?

Communicating the right message is so important, so we spend time in pre-production understanding what your business has to offer to employees and what you’re looking for in an employee – the relationship has to work both ways, so we have to cover both angles. The production process will usually aim to capture your people in action as well as supporting footage as required by storyboards or scripts. With clever editing and graphics, we ensure the video’s messaging is on-point, leaving you with a powerful recruitment tool.

Beyond the video…

Making sure you communicate the right information is important for the overall process to work efficiently. Of course the video won’t replace the recruitment process but what it can do is make sure that people who apply have seen the video, are on board with the way you do things and environment you operate within. Using video as a qualification tool for you and for candidates in this way should save time and make reviewing CVs and interviewing a more efficient and positive process.

What next?

At PureMotion, we make video marketing accessible. That’s why we’ve created three plans – whether you need a one-off video, or a fully-fledged marketing campaign.

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