Promotional Videos

The jewel in the digital marketer’s crown

Whether you’re looking to gain exposure on a new product or service, or revive the buzz around an existing one, a promotional video is exactly what you need. And it’s not just limited to products and services – promoting your brand’s messages is something video can work wonders for, too. A proven star in the modern marketing toolkit, promotional video production can be used to increase your sales and solidify your brand identity in ways that could only be dreamt about a decade ago.

Why use promotional videos?

Bring some movement to your marketing with dynamic video content

Connect with your audience on a deeper level by showing your personality

Keep your customers engaged by getting your messages across quickly and effectively

How can I use promotional videos?

Promotional videos let you effectively communicate important messaging about your business, services and products in a short space of time – all in a way that isn’t possible in pictures or words. From showing off the benefits and USPs of your product or service to promoting your company culture, a promotional video is the perfect platform to engage your audience.

What’s involved in the process?

A potent promo video starts with careful planning and consideration of the video’s objective in order to avoid the all-to-common waffle that gives business videos a bad name. Are you looking to educate, entertain or engage? Once the concept development is nailed and any scripts or storyboards are in place, we can put our plan into practice, creating effective video that promotes your business and encourages action.

Beyond the video…

Well-made video is great, but you want to make sure it’s being seen by the right people for the right reasons. Whether your content is designed for brand awareness, boosting sales or upping enquiries, deploying a considered marketing campaign can really pay dividends when married with great content.

What next?

At PureMotion, we make video marketing accessible. That’s why we’ve created three plans – whether you need a one-off video, or a fully-fledged marketing campaign.

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