Health & Safety Videos

Save time and resources bringing your workforce up to speed

Health and safety is important, but the inherently dry subject matter can get easily become boring and hard to focus on. This is where health and safety videos come into their own, delivering digestible, consistent messaging about your processes.

Why use health and safety videos?

Everyone receives the same messaging, ensuring your processes are kept consistent

Turn dry subject matter into something more engaging and digestible

Save time and resources using video compared to conducting in-person sessions

How can I use health and safety videos?

There are multiple options when it comes to using health and safety videos. It can form part of in-person or online sessions with an instructor, or you can even fully automate learning. By integrating video modules into software platforms that provide interactive elements (for example a quiz after each module), you can ensure viewers truly understand the subject matter before moving onto the next section.

What’s involved in the process?

There are many ways to approach this type of video and it’s largely dependent on the exact nature of the project. For some videos we may simulate certain scenarios to help visualise where health and safety issues could occur. Graphics can be used to aid messaging. Subject matter can be split into bite sized units to focus on certain areas at a time and be integrated into online learning software. Whatever your objective, we always come up with a solution that’s fit-for-purpose and tailored to your business.

Beyond the video…

Beyond the content itself, you should consider how the videos will be delivered, as it may make a difference to how they’re produced. An interactive learning environment with an instructor may require a different style to passive online learning modules. If you need help deciding what’s best for your business, we’re always on hand to give advice – just get in touch.

What next?

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