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Inspire and educate by presenting your brand to the world

As a business, you’ll have a personality. You’ll also have a story about who you are, where you came from and where you’re going. You may well write about it or reflect it in your brand guidelines or company culture. But you can’t quite paint the full picture. Investing in corporate video production is the perfect way to bring authenticity to your image while communicating your identity, quickly and effectively.

Why use corporate video production?

The most effective way to capture the essence of both your service offering and your brand

Shows the human side to your organisation and helps build trust

When used correctly, it’s a powerful online selling tool for your business

How can I use corporate videos?

Commercial video production enables you to convey a huge amount in just a couple of minutes or less. As well as being a well-rounded selling tool to live on your website, there is further scope to push out shorter sections of the entire video using social media. The video could also be used at a corporate event, or as part of a product launch. A successful corporate video is flexible and adaptable, making it the perfect marketing instrument.

What’s involved in the process?

The key to our corporate video production process is to effectively condense the essence of your business into succinct key messages. The initial idea and development stage is therefore crucial, and some scripting is usually needed to avoid the dreaded waffle that will make even the most targeted audience lose interest fast. Taking a multi-faceted approach is just as important, perhaps using a customer testimonial or corporate client interview, for example. With these things in place, you’ll be well on your way to creating an effective video.

Beyond the video…

There’s an important balance to strike with video content. Too long and your company profile will miss the mark as people switch off. Too short however, and its marketing effectiveness may suffer. Corporate videography done well should hit the sweet spot. Combining this with a creative approach and an effective video marketing campaign on social media, for example, increased brand awareness and boosted sales are both attainable goals.

What next?

At PureMotion, we make video marketing accessible. That’s why we’ve created three plans – whether you need a one-off video, or a fully-fledged marketing campaign.

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