Video Marketing: How Does It Benefit Business?

There are many reasons why we recommend video marketing. We have seen popularity in our particular genre of marketing soar over the past twelve months, reaching the same level of importance to businesses as the stalwart’s social media and blogging. It is important that we explain to business owners what the benefits are, however. Rather than simply stating that you MUST utilise this incredible media, we endeavour to tell you why as well.

The positive impact that a video can have on your website and online presence is perhaps the best place to start. The level of engagement a video offers visitors outweighs any other marketing strategy, as shown through the fact that a third of all online activity involves watching video content. If your video is great then people will share it. The more it’s shared, liked, retweeted and generally circulated across the web, the better placed your website will be.

Outside of your website, video can have a huge impact on your brand. Stats show that 75% of viewers will click through to a website after watching quality video content. A video represents your credibility, giving viewers an insight into the professionalism or expert opinion that your company offers. Provided the website reflects this too, it’s a fantastic directional tool that leads customers closer to making a purchase, or sending an enquiry.

When you consider your company’s brand, it’s important to remember that a great video can prove invaluable, and a poor one the opposite. Many fantastic websites are ruined by amateur filmmaking, in the same way that quality video can be let down by cheap web design. Make sure your marketing budget is equally spread and the various elements complement each other. That way, you guarantee quality across all your platforms.

A staggering 90% of us say that seeing a product in action via video helps us with our decision-making. Are you selling something that people should be desperate to buy? Prove it! Showcase the specifications of your product, or your service, through high quality video content and give your viewers a virtual ‘try-before-you-buy’ scenario.

Be sure to share your video across all mediums too. Click-through rates (CTRs) are said to increase by up to 300% when a video is added to an email. Social media offers immediate interaction with a business and is key to the speed at which we now expect information. Even through this medium we see distinctions in posts, with videos on Twitter being favourited 49% more than images. Supply backlinks in everything you do externally, and your website will be rewarded too. Google always gives credit to content creators if their content is a success.

Businesses really can and do see a marked improvement in their marketing return thanks to video. Making sure you offer quality across all your marketing mediums is crucial, and video is no different. Invest a little and you’ll receive a lot in return: for business owners, the calculation is often as simple as that.

For more information about the benefits of video to your business, contact PureMotion today.

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