The Benefits of Long Term Video Campaigns

So, it’s 2021 and you’re finally on board with the phenomenon of video marketing. You have the budget, you’ve chosen the video production company that best suits you, and you’re now ready to start reaping the rewards of quality visual content. Your long term video strategy will have been finely honed too… right?

Unfortunately, many businesses that have made the decision to heavily invest in video marketing have given little thought towards a longer term marketing campaign. Videos are developed that simply aren’t taking advantage of the measurable results that can be attained, leading to – quite frankly – less effective results.

But don’t fear – the process is relatively simple. Firstly, you must give thought to your initial goals and objectives. Once these have been finalised, you can then move on to the idea and concept development. Once everyone is happy with the result, production can begin. Once the video is developed, the final stage is the distribution and implementation of your new marketing tool with the intention of growing your audience – just what video is made for. Whether you are using your video as a standalone feature, or as something to integrate into your existing marketing activities, it’s this final step that is really crucial to your success.

Your video strategy is a journey. Yes, we know how that sounds, but it’s true! To begin with, you must establish why you’re venturing on this trip. Next, you need to understand where you will be going. Lastly, how will you measure whether you have been successful… did you arrive on time? How do you know that? Video is an exceptional tool for spreading your company message and winning new business, but to maximise its potential, it’s vital that your strategy is spread across months, rather than just the minutes it takes to upload to YouTube.

A good place to start is to answer questions that are asked of your industry, finding out who is asking them and where, before sending your video along. The type of questions that your customers are asking can be translated into videos, giving them the ideal response and pitching you as an expert in your field. But whatever you create must be directional. Send people to your website so that they have access to more information about your business and any other potential questions you can answer.

Everything your video achieves during its time online can be monitored and analysed, in order to influence future videos you might produce, or to move you to the next level of the campaign. By measuring the analytics you’re given, you can establish the amount of engagement your video received, what the drop-off rate was and how many click-throughs you were able to achieve. All with details of where they came from and from which demographic – priceless information.

Strategy can and should be developed in advance of video production, but it would be foolish not to take analytics into account. Knowing when you intend to enact certain actions is crucial in the campaign’s journey, but allowing your measurable results to influence how you deliver your videos to the world is equally important. If you follow this structure, by the end of your series of videos, you should be so well optimised that your target audience cannot fail to be found, and they cannot fail to find your video content.

That’s what we aim to achieve at PureMotion. Stunning video production is our calling, but effective video marketing strategy is our gift. Contact us today to find out more.

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