The Balance Between Engaging Video and Advertising

Finding the middle ground between creating a video that viewers enjoy and one that effectively sells your brand is often a difficult. For many businesses, it feels like a choice between the two – either slick and compelling or blatant selling. With a little subtlety though, you can have the best of both worlds and find the balance between engaging video and advertising.

When video marketing first burst on the scene, it was used as a way to get your message across quickly and clearly, letting your customers know what was being sold and how much it would be. Although still important points, this was very reminiscent of advertising we have seen for years across television channels. It has now become commonplace to fast forward through ad breaks and ignore messages that focus too strongly on the sale side of the transaction, meaning a different tact is needed to grab attention.

As we have covered in numerous blog posts before, it is about being interesting and giving something to the viewer free of charge. This is usually information, which they can then utilise as they please. An invite to move beyond the video to your website, for example, or to contact you directly. Yes, the end goal will be a sale or enquiry, but approaching that end in an understated way helps avoid leads from turning off from the message at a crucial stage.

So how do you integrate the sales message without being too pushy? The first thing you need to do is understand your audience. This is important for any marketing strategy you put in place, as no matter how good the content you produce, if it isn’t pointed in the right direction then you won’t be getting the desired result. Work out where your audience is, what demographic they are and importantly what they are looking for. Armed with this information, you should be able to cleverly present your brand message.

The way that advertisements work should also make you question the platform you are presenting your videos from. Are you looking for your ad to be experienced through YouTube as a short burst of colour, used as encouragement to move to further content on your website? Then no more than 30 seconds should be the duration. Videos on social media should be approached in a similar way, grabbing attention quickly as people sweep through their feeds. Website videos can afford to be longer, so take advantage of that time. But keep your sales message hidden until your audience is hooked.

The ways in which you can use video marketing are adapting and changing with each passing month. What remains important, though, is understanding your message and sticking to it. Once you have a strong understanding of who you are and how you want to be perceived, it becomes much simpler for a video production company to work with you to produce the perfect video that represents you, keeping your sales element nicely balanced with engagement.

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