Deploying Creative Video Online: The Next Step

The distribution side of video marketing is easily as important as the quality of the video itself. But once you have found a platform from which to share, it then becomes important to monitor and analyse your video’s progress too.

At PureMotion, the most important thing to us is ensuring that our clients see results from the video content we produce for them. Through their return on investment, we know that our strategy has been successful, but when working together there is also a lot that can be learnt from any video marketing project.

The quality of a PureMotion video will never be in question, and so the way that it engages with our clients’ potential customers becomes our uttermost concern. Simply filming, editing and then publishing your video will never be enough – and is in fact just the beginning of the process.

The way that video content is watched and shared can provide vital information that shapes all future marketing strategy for your business. A video should not simply be published and remain static. A successful video yearns to be shared, growing and developing with every person who experiences its message and feels compelled to comment.

It is this interaction that should be monitored and analysed, in order to learn what works and what hasn’t quite hit the spot about your message. Any marketing that you ever produce will rely on the consumer embracing and engaging with it – something that applies across the industry, from video, to websites, to written blog content.

At PureMotion, we are keen to see you receive value for money for our service. By analysing your video content’s progress across the various distribution channels, we can focus on driving more of the right traffic to your site, creating brand awareness whilst picking up important details on consumer behaviour.

“All this simply from a video?”, we hear you cry? Exactly. Knowing when people have turned off from your video, or where they have decided to share it can give you priceless information on the habits of your key demographic. Knowing how often your video has led to a website visit or a sales enquiry is equally crucial, as is the way that people present your content to their friends, colleagues and business associates. Shared content gives as much information about the sharer as it does the creator, so who wants to be associated with your brand?

Ultimately it is the what, why and who that becomes very important.

It may seem daunting, but that is where we step in. A video has never completed its mission while there are still people around to watch it. It is an important lesson to learn, but one that PureMotion can be there to teach you along the way.

To find out how our video production and distribution services can work for you, contact us today.

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