Brand Awareness Through Creative Video

When a business first starts to consider utilising video content in their marketing strategy, there is an important hierarchy to consider. You must decide what to develop and when to release it, as knowing what works and when is half the battle. Initially, for businesses dipping their toe in the water, their first time must be all about raising awareness.

Developing relationships with your customers means you establish trust, implanting the knowledge that you’re a brand that looks after its customers. This is why it is crucial that your initial video stands out from the crowd.

Capturing interest and raising awareness is paramount to a successful video marketing campaign and must be immediately addressed on your debut. It is a cliché in any industry, but first impressions do stick. You want to create a buzz, get people talking about your brand and ultimately explain to people, in simple yet entertaining terms, who you are and why they should buy from you.

However people reach your website, whether via a referral or as a result of a search engine query, you must make them stick. Offering something bold and creative will help you preserve their attention. What you must do is make your first video an amuse-bouche to the main event, setting the scene for later courses and letting the customer explore the offering in their own time. Start by informing them who you are to begin your courting. Build the trust and let people know that working with a faceless brand is dead and that you are a company of the people.

With every video you develop, it is important to craft it with a specific goal in mind. Create a definitive answer to what you are trying to achieve and put it in terms that are able to be measured. Detail a call to action, whether that be encouraging social media interaction with likes and follows, or directing people to view your website. You are paving the way for later video content, offering simple yet effective information that creates an obvious progression.

Keep everything relevant and create a targeted audience within your target audience. Who are these people you are planning to target, what are their habits and desires? Are they on websites, industry blogs, TV, social media and why? ‘Why’ is a crucial as ‘where’, so think carefully. You want to source fresh blood, potential customers who don’t already know your brand. Using an external video distribution channel – and not just YouTube – will help you find a target audience and pick up those around who aspire to be a part of that group.

Cost is always a factor with any type of marketing. Have a budget in mind for your online media and then dedicate a good chunk of that to video content production and distribution. Investing now can prove hugely beneficial later, when your brand is established. Be brave, creative and above all keep people’s attention. Give your video production team every opportunity to set you apart and create brand awareness to stand the test of time.

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